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The Early Years.....
Where to start? A good question.
The earliest record I could find about Hade Edge A.F.C. is in the Chronicle of Wooldale A.F.C. which itself has a chequered history of success and heartache over the years.
Hade Edge was part of the Holmfirth and District Association Football League in the season 1909-10.
The Club have achieved minimum success in all the years since, however I felt it was necessary to record as much for interest for the present generation of enthusiasts as to remember times past, from individuals and records.

This new League was formed in September 1908 with a total of 14 clubs for reserve and junior teams to compete. Interestingly the league rules were: -
All clubs shall be in a radius of 5 miles of Holmfirth.
All players must reside and work within a radius of 6 miles.
No player shall be allowed any money or travelling expenses.
Hade Edge was certainly involved in the 1909-10 season.

1919-20 SEASON
In 1919-20 season Hade Edge finished the season “Top of the League”, however in those days the top 4 teams played a championship decider.
Hade Edge played the fourth, Scholes, and New Mill played Hepworth.
After the semi-finals, the Championship decider ran out at a two all draw after extra time between Hade Edge and Hepworth. The replay saw Hepworth take the Championship with a 2-1 win, the match being played at New Mill’s ground.
League Table 1919-20
P W L D F A Pts
Hade Edge 18 14 3 1 63 25 29
New Mill 18 12 2 4 50 23 28
Hepworth Utd 18 11 4 3 44 25 25
Scholes 18 9 6 3 38 27 21

1920-21 Season
The Groom Cup came into being, Mr G H Groom, Dentist of Shaley House, Holmfirth, who kindly presented the League with a Cup.
“The new prize to be presented to the team at the head of the table at the end of the ordinary League engagements before the top four play off for the Championship. Hence, Hade Edge missed out the previous season.
On the playing front, Hade Edge finished the season with an away match at Wooldale, played in early April. “A big gate assembled and the good sports of Hade Edge brought their musical friends with them”- however this didn’t help with the result, going down 3-0.
The league having been increased to 16 teams, Hade Edge finished in 4th position having played 30, won 17, lost 7, drawn 6, for 73, against 40, points 40.
In the play off Hade Edge were beaten by Hepworth in a replay, who went on to beat Scholes 3-2 in another replay in the final. Receipts from these games were estimated at around £95, £17 of that was set aside for the purchase of medals for the winners.

1921-22 Season
This season brought about many improvements to local football, in and around the Holmfirth area. Clubs entering the League could now do so up to a 6-mile radius, thus expanding the League to 18 teams. The Groom Cup became a Knockout competition; playing areas were to be roped off. Clubs were also to provide nets for the goals, which would benefit the referees and help the goalkeepers.
Hade Edge finished in a commendable 7th position having played 28, won 11, lost 8, drawn 9, for 64, against 55, points 31.

1922-23 Season
The Holmfirth and District League started the season with only 12 clubs, as several clubs from the previous season defected to the newly formed Dearne Valley League. Hade Edge finished in 5th position having played 22, won 13, lost 6, drawn 3, for 52, against 29, points 29.

1923-24 Season
The Holmfirth League having been in operation for a mere 4 seasons will now become part of the Huddersfield and District Association Football League.
The Groom Cup having been given to the Holmfirth League “ by a well known gentleman who resided in our midst” would now be played for by “only former Holmfirth League Clubs, with a financial donation being made to the Huddersfield League”. It was also decided that the top 4 play-off for the league be dropped. The club at the top of the table to be Champions.
Hade Edge finished in 3rd position played 24, won 15, lost 8, drawn 1, for 68, against 34, points 31.

1924-25 Season
The Holmfirth and District League was resurrected with a total of 10 clubs competing. “The league is hardly as strong in number as it would have liked to have been, and the league programme proper finishes before the end of January”.
Ten clubs started the season in September, but by the second week in October two clubs had dropped out, leaving only eight. A revised fixture list was drawn up, so each club would play one another 4 times throughout the course of the season, 28 games in all.
Holmfirth and District Association League 1924-25
P W L D F A Pts
Wooldale W. 24 16 3 5 78 25 37
Meltham Mills 21 17 3 1 84 27 35
Hepworth Wesleyans 24 9 9 6 47 53 24
Brownhill 19 8 8 3 42 42 19
New Mill 19 6 6 7 29 14 19
Hade Edge 16 7 7 2 31 48 16
Millhouse 14 5 5 4 37 61 14
Scholes 6 1 3 2 6 13 4
As you can see from the table this must have been quiet a headache for the Fixture Secretary.
Probably as a consequence of the above the next mention for Hade Edge is in the Season 1932-33, when the Holmfirth League once again is reformed.

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